“Phoneography” is the term used when photographs are made with a smartphone. Virtually all of us have smartphones today, but can you really create beautiful photos with them – photos that are worthy of printing canvases to hang on your wall, or worthy of making a book?  The answer is a resounding “yes”!  (Take a look below to see a few images that I have made with my phone – and no, it’s not an iPhone!)


• Worksheets and other helpful info that you can keep.

• Tips to make better smartphone photos in any kind of light.

• Easy to use apps to help you enhance your photos – even print them – right from your phone.

• Websites and more that you can use to make books, canvas wraps, and more from your phone images.

Come to this workshop and you, too, will get on the road to creating stunning images with your phone! Total class size is limited to just 10 people, and the number attending may not be correct on Meetup since we schedule other ways as well. 

REGISTER ON OUR MEETUP PAGE HERE!  $29 rate applies to the first 4 Meetup registrations only! Rate goes to $39 after that, so register now!

Smartphone photos From my book, "Nashville".

Smartphone photos From my book, “Nashville”.

Photos of Santa Monica Pier

Smartphone photographs at Santa Monica Pier – November 2016

Garden of the Gods

Smartphone photography at the Garden of the Gods – Colorado, USA

Smartphone food photography

Food photography with a smartphone