#201-DSLR Camera Basics

This 4 Hour class is for people who have a DSLR, but want to get it off Auto!

  • What a DSLR is and how it is different from a “point and shoot” type camera.
  • The difference between “A”, “P”, “M”, and all those other crazy settings.
  • The Exposure Triangle and how understanding it can improve your photographs and creativity.
  • Hands-on training.
  • Software and photo app recommendations.
  • Includes a free workbook to take home.
  • Certificate of Completion

Instructor(s): David Anderson, Cr. Photog. CPP and/or Al General, CPP

Prerequisite:  Beginning in July 2017, the #101 Intro to Digital Photography class (or equivalent knowledge) will be a prerequisite.  #101 will often be held the same day, and on an occasional weeknight.

$179 — Join our Free Meetup group and Register HERE to get this class at a huge discount!
Have a GROUPON, LIVING SOCIAL, or Gift voucher?  Register HERE.  More dates will be added as needed.