16 Camera Point and Shoot?

Light L16 Camera Concept

Light L16 Camera Concept

L16 camera combines 16 cameras into one small unit

A company called Light introduced a new type of camera this month that they say will offer the benefits of a DSLR in a pocket-sized camera. The camera, called the L16, packs 16 separate cameras with a wide variety of focal lengths into one compact unit. When you press the shutter release, several of 16 cameras (how many depends on the zoom you select) make a simultaneous image, and then merge them together into one high-resolution photo. Since the different cameras also shoot at different apertures, this allows you to actually change the depth of field after you take the picture.

It’s an interesting concept, and although I doubt that this particular camera will prove to be popular, it certainly gives us an idea of where cameras are headed in the future.

You can learn more about this camera on the company’s website.

– Dave Anderson