About the Instructors

Most Classes taught by Certified Professional Photographers

Annapolis Photo School is the only photography training school anywhere that is taught primarily by Certified Professional Photographers.  CPPs must pass written exams, have actual client images approved by a Board of Review, and submit business references in order to become Certified. They must also maintain continuing professional education and re-certify every three years. For these reasons, fewer than 3% of all professional photographers are Certified. (Learn more at www.ppa.com/cpp/)
Photographer David Anderson

David Anderson
Cr. Photog. CPP


David Anderson, Cr. Photog. CPP, Founder and Director of Education, has owned a studio in Annapolis since 1994 and has been a working photographer for way longer than that. Dave has been commissioned for assignments in at least 35 states, and has clients as far away as Switzerland, Germany, and Japan.  He is best known for producing timeless portrait photography, but he also has a very wide range of commercial photography experience.  He has photographed products, steel mills, automobile manufacturing plants, rock quarries, heavy equipment, asphalt and concrete plants, the White House … the list goes on and on.  You name it, and he’s probably photographed it!

In addition to be being a Certified Professional Photographer, Dave also holds the Photographic Craftsman degree from the Professional Photographers of America. This degree reflects his more than 35 National Merits awarded to him by the PPA. Dave also loves to share his knowledge of photography with others.  That’s why he started the Professional Photographers of Greater Annapolis  in 1998, and remains its President today.  He also periodically teaches classes for the Professional Photographers of America and has also taught photography as an Adjunct Faculty instructor at Howard Community College.
Dave lives in Bowie, Maryland with his wife and two daughters.
Want to know more about Dave and some of his work?  Visit www.daphoto.com

Al General

Al General, CPP

Al General, CPP, Chief Instructor, has also been a working photographer for many years, photographing weddings, portraits, nature, and sports.  He received much of his early training while working for Chicago’s oldest and largest studio, Edward Fox Studios.
Al recently took early retirement as Lead Photographer and Trainer for Lifetouch National School Studios. Along with his wife Jackie, also a Certified Professional Photographer, he owns General Photography in Essex, Maryland.
Want to see some of Al’s work? Visit www.GeneralPhotography.com