#301-Full Day Workshop

Full-day Intermediate DSLR Workshop (lunch included at no extra charge!) This workshop will teach you how to be more creative with your DSLR.

  • Class size limited to 10 students for personal attention in a real photography studio
  • Review: The Photographer’s Toolkit … Understanding the Exposure Triangle … controlling motion, depth of field, and more.
  • Review: Rule of Thirds and other composition tools
  • HANDS-ON instruction, using your own camera
  • Setups and exercises for you to experiment with various camera settings (depth-of-field, motion, lighting, and more)
  • Understanding DPI and resolution
  • Using light not just for exposure, but for composition, creating or softening shadows, and more
  • Basics of using external flash units
  • How and why to use custom white balance
  • RAW or JPEG, and basic processing of each
  • How different lenses give your photos a different look
  • Review and discussion of the images you create in the workshop
  • Free “cheat sheets” to take home
  • Camera store coupons
  • $229 (Only $179 for our Meetup group members)
Instructors:  David Anderson, Cr. Photog. CPP and Al General, CPP
Prerequisite:  Must bring an interchangeable-lens camera with manual settings and know how to select and change the ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and White Balance. (“#201 – Learning to Use a DSLR” or equivalent knowledge recommended.) A tripod and speed light (flash) are also recommended, but not required. This workshop is best for ages 16 and older.