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Learn to use your cameraCamera classes at Annapolis Photo School

APS can take you beyond just basic snapshots and help you to truly understand your camera and how to use it.  Lighting, exposure, and composition are three of the elements that can make or break a photo.  Sometimes a ho-hum photo just needed just one of those elements to be a little different to make it a really great image.  APS will help you learn these basic elements, plus can help you make the best of whatever camera you own.  Sure, an expensive DSLR is always good to have, but even a basic point-and-shoot camera can produce great images …. if you know how to use it!

About APS

APS was started by Certified Professional Photographer, David Anderson.  Dave has spent many years learning the craft and has built a great reputation. His work has appeared in publications around the world and clients from far and wide commission him for portraits and commercial assignments.  Dave owns one of the only commercial storefront studios in the Annapolis, Maryland area.  People constantly ask him questions about cameras and how to take better pictures.  Since the need was there, and since he is a seasoned photographer with lots of experience, he decided to do something to help all of these people. Hence, APS was born!

In late 2013, Al General, Dave’s longtime colleague and friend joined Dave to further develop APS. Al is also a Certified Professional Photographer and has lots of photography training experience and some great ideas to make teaching (and learning!) fun.

APS classes cover all levels of experience, from Beginner to Advanced.  Several different classes are currently being offered, and we are working on others as well. Take a couple of minutes to review the current class summaries and schedules on the Upcoming Classes page. If you have ideas for other classes you’d like, please let us know!




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